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A leader is someone people follow 1) when they lack the courage to make things happen for themselves 2) because they have no other choice 3) because they are inspired by a vision greater than themselves.

A leader is someone who has too much compassion to watch other people suffer, but still feels alone anyway; who cares more about making a difference than about themselves;  loves purely for the sake of loving.

A follower is someone else who either a) puts his trust in someone else over himself b) trusts himself enough to trust someone else.

A leader needs followers to be a leader; a leader is a person who doesn’t need to be followed to climb mountains himself.

A leader is someone who loves to strive more than anything else; a leader who loves his goal too much will fail.

A leader is someone who has known terrible loneliness, who does not need anyone, but surrounds himself with a team anyway.

Leadership is not a pleasant way to live or die; it has no sure rewards, and it always entails great risk and the suffering of being different and doing things differently. Yet it is the only way to be fully alive, to be fully conscious of the moment and rise to it.