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This is the greatest problem plaguing humanity. All it takes it the small gesture- Love actually is all around after all. Occassionally, someone rises above the mediocrity of being a normal, human being, conditioned to want nothing more than social acceptance, and does something outside the box. Then, only a few brave souls dare to show support, the rest look on in horror or admiration, and our brave hero, our person who uses Facebook to educate your tired, poor huddled masses (not just to show off, because that’s not really a good way to become popular unless its about your GTL routine), or whatever other other thing just keeps on posting, out of sheer love of human kind. But eventually she comes to know, through subtle and unsubtle means, she has made her mark. Whether people have said thank you or not. Sure, every dog has its day, but make sure to say thank you. The world just doesn’t want to be saved, and who am I to think I know how to save it, but just girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do anyway. Sometimes I just want to take a break from those ungrateful wretches, and maybe one day I will. maybe I will drop that mask as I have many others. Maybe some people have already begun to notice I have found something more fulfilling to do with my time than stick my neck out for ideas and humanity on a social media platform designed to enhance conformity, youth alcoholism, and general ridiculousness. Not my kind of crazy or cup of tea, but you know what they don’t say, que sera, sera. Whatever will be, will be. Dearest followers and likers, do know that you give me hope for a happy solid relationship with some part of humanity, where I even get to talk as much as I want without having to listen. It may be oneish way communication most of the time, but the benefits flow largely in this direction [towards me]. That should be enough venom and cleaning of my dirty spiritual wounds for one night, maybe. Now on to my real work, if anything is “real,” or should be considered “work”…