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Worth Fighting For

Keeping in touch with old friends and kindred spirits

Making love last through good times and bad


Your deepest dream (even if it’s not about a high-paid career)

Your self-respect, even if you have to assert yourself when you’d rather just go with the flow

Learning to love yourself (it takes effort)

Your principles- whatever you define as good, fight for

Not Worth Fighting For

Maintaining illusions of security- don’t go out of your way to stay trapped in materialistic or self destructive ways of thinking or being just because this is the way you know

Someone else’s plans for how you should live your life, or anything else you don’t really believe in but feel you “should” do

Holding on to people who don’t care for you, or don’t take the time to maintain your relationship

Money, status, power, vanity- la vie est ephemere (life is ephemeral)

Short term thrills and other addictions that crowd out your inner joy

Trying to be like anybody but yourself