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you stay in on your first Friday night in Paris even though you had super awesome plans, cuz you dallied too long chatting with your prof who bought you happyish hour drinks (but did not try to sleep with you). I love you France, even though you decided to close my bank account without telling me. I love you Paris, even though your metro closes at 1 (quoi?) and it’s not worth the effort of getting ready to go out at this late hour. At least I’ll be going to Versailles on Sunday! Trop chouette, n’est-ce pas?

God, I love you France. Somebody called me “the most French American girl” today. It was an amazing moment, not gonna lie.

Trying to figure out what to do with myself after business school, besides find a job, lifelong love (ideally leading to marriage and bebes), and learn to surf, maybe ballroom dance too, although I do salsa, merengue and something else, I think its bachata. A lot of my other bucketlist things have or will be crossed off by then. A bunch of people in my program want to go to Prague and Thailand, so maybe I will get to cross those off in addition to having my MBA and having visited every continent besides South America and speaking French fluently by the age of 25. Feeling not so bad about myself these days.