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I just want to say, self acceptance has come before any sort of success for me, usually after some kind of failure. It comes from listening to the little voice and accepting where you are now, which can really be hard to do against the demands of your ego, but it is only with this you can gain true happiness. Happiness that comes both from the positive inside and acting appropriately and getting good results on the outside/ blessings.

Also home is not a place, or even a culture, it is finding people with the same mentality. Watching the same TV shows as a kid and all and sharing a culture can be helpful, but home is really where you find people you belong with without trying. Thank God for today, met a youg-22-French entrepreneur and his also ambitious girlfriend. They were really lovely and made me realize that it’s openness, ambition, idealism, and kind-heartedness that are the most important thing. Being dazzled by similar things or caring about the same ideas is also important. What a great day. I do have a place in this world- whether it will be in Paris or not I don’t know yet. I feel a lot less anxiety that the right things will come to me in time, and that I can give the world something it needs, and I will be justly recompensed as Alexandre describe entrepreneurship. He said he was in it to make the best product, not the most money, and that if you are just chasing money you can’t stick with it and have a good product. Really meant a lot to me. Also have other tons of inspiring people here I am meeting. Totally different than my last experience in France, and Paris is really the center. I am definitely on to something here.