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Even though I haven’t lived in Paris for very long (not even two weeks), it makes me happy to see the familiar alimention (small grocery store) next to the blue door of my apartment building. It gives me pleasure to find I remember my inner and outer door codes and walk confidently into the courtyard. Then, I look for my familiar keychain and let myself in.

There’s a certain sense of happiness, sentiment, a little sigh of relief when you recognize your place from a distant. No longer displaced, we return home.

I hope someday to meet someone that makes me feel all this and more when I see him-the release, the inner opening that happens even at a distance.

La vie est ephemere, and my time in Paris will end. I may never have a place where I live for twenty years, and if that’s so, fine by me. But I do hope I never fail to appreciate the feeling of seeing the familiar landmarks and knowing you will soon be home.