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It’s not always easy being green, or being me either. I adhere to so many tenets of the American credo, so of course I’ve had to live away from the promised land in the New World to get the immigrant experience.  If we’re all about tolerating difference and exploring, what’s more American than living abroad?

Honestly, Paris is truly amazing to me. I am very much infatuated. So much beauty, and a former center of the world upon which so much else around Europe (and consequently, in the US) is but a poor copy. Helas. What an international community, what a base for travel, what a center of arts and culture, a place where being intellectual is coolish (not talking about hipster wannabes here- they sell philosophy magz on the street corner waho -not that I’ve bought one yet). I could definitely live in Paris (if I could get a job here, and/or an appropriate man…) There are tons of things I don’t like about the French politico/socio/economic system, but God, these people know beauty. France is Libra heaven (joyeux anniversaire a moi). And how to live, which is, kind of, what this blog is all about, and obviously one of my abiding curiosities.

I like to think about the awesome expats of the past(Thomas Jefferson-le sigh, Ben Franklin- my Philly homeboy, the Lost Generation-characters of Midnight in Paris by Woody Allen, and how they saved themselves from some of the drab puritanical elements of America, and saved America too (we can’t all be Captain America). America, America, America, Marcia, Marcia, Marcia- thank God for soft power.

The one thing that I do know is that to enter a new world, literally or figuratively, you have to leave an old one behind. You can keep parts of yourself, but there was a reason you came: to change, to create your vision instead of by imposed by someone else’s, to rebirth yourself. And when you start doing that, you can never be what sure will be shown. Like peeling back the skin of the orange, we can only hope that fruit of our toilsome transformation will be ripe, juicy, sweet, and succulent.