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Home is where you would sell all your positions to get to.

The group can’t accept you unless you accept wanting to be a part of it.

Hero’s journeys are launched by the quest for self acceptance; the external events lead to an internal prize.

Your art and your day job don’t have to be the same thing. You are not a sell-out who didn’t follow your passion.

The best things in life, we can only find by rigorous, day to day actions that add up to the prize we have been seeking.
Don’t try to find another group so you don’t feel so different; go where you are loved as you are, don’t seek the perception of fitting in.

Just like planning a trip, there are constraints we all face in life. We can’t do everything, and some can do more than others, and some are more adaptable than others. Choose your destinations carefully and remember Vienna waits for you. You won’t get to do everything, but you can always do what matters most to you, in some small way at the least.

Having fun in the moment needs to balance goal-seeking. So much of what we are looking for as a byproduct can only be experienced in the moment.

Just like all the great Disney tales illustrate, Western notions of romantic love and identity are inextricably linked. You can’t get your identity from love, but the pangs of love can point the way to identity. You can’t live happilly ever after until you have an independent self to love with and a home to retire too.

Stability and small pleasures should not be overlooked. Thrill seeking and adventure can be another form of escape. Don’t lose yourself in the questions or get too worked up over not having answers. Just be, and go where your heart tells you.

Shared fantasy is not so sweet as shared reality, however imperfect. That’s why love takes time and it’s not the fulfilling of a wish in its entirety in one fell swoop. Same with “finding your passion.” Le coup de foudre, the lightning strike of love, has to be embedded in your reality, somewhere, or you’ll have to give up everything to follow it (sometimes appropriate).

Don’t apologize for what you want; don’t apologize for not being perfect; don’t apologize for being as great and as small as you are

Don’t keep seeking when you already have found their answers and are afraid to experiment, afraid to give up on the quest for a flawless, smooth solution that doesn’t exist.

You have to give up your fantasies in order to make something real. Nothing is going to be as you expected, don’t over-expect because that’s where unnecessary suffering comes from. Learn to see beauty in all its forms.

Don’t be afraid of being who you are. You aren’t so different and you won’t be alone if you are your real self all the time. The worst lonelines is having a false self, however well loved.