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on this lovely but rainy night in Paris, I don’t want to go home. I want to stay here, possibly forever. Idon’t want to finish my degree program in Philadelphia (at the moment), although I still want to go to Asia with my amazing classmates.

I’m in love with Paris. Ce n’etait pas le coup de foudre, mais je suis tombee amoureuse quand meme.

I have some intrinsic motivation now! This is what it feels like, not to be planning and just to be living.

OMG I don’t want to leave. It might be possible to switch to the French business school where I am studying now, although long term I’m not sure how good of an idea that would be especially since Temple is climbing up in the rankings, and maybe I need time to miss Paris. Maybe we need to see other people and I should have a few more lovers first.

Speaking of lovers, that guy is still pretty cool. We are supposed to hang tomorrow but I didn’t hear from him today, but I think we are good anyways. He came to my birthday dinner. We shall see how it goes. Yes, he is a part of the enchantment of Paris but he’s far from all of it.

I met a wonderful older gentleman who corrected my French and thought I was a German waiting for the last metro, which never came. We ended up walking in the same direction. The weather was just light rain and it was a warm night in a nice neighborhood. He said, “Elle n’est pas belle, la vie?” I agreed. Life is beautiful, why isn’t it?

This is the way I wish I felt about other things and places but don’t, or don’t anymore. I am opening up to life, realizing it’s not about planning, it’s about going. Who you want to go with, what you can take with you, and what you’re going to do when you are there. We are all nomads, stability is an illusion, and no two days are ever the same even if you live in the same small town all your life. So what will you make of yours?

amities and touts mes meilleurs voeux,