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Whether we are talking about love, finding work you love, or becoming a healthier person, DOING what it takes (when you get it mapped out) isn’t so bad. Not when you really believe in what you are doing anyway. In fact, I’d ay that’s a recipe for happiness.  Figuring outHOW to do it can be more challenging, especially since long term goals can rarely be mapped out on a straight line: the day to day things towards achieving them are clear, however. The real trick is getting yourself to do it.

That’s where all the big scary monsters came in.  They are the internal manifestations of our greatest fears that prevent us from real riches. Joseph Campbell says,

It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.

I’ve been beating myself up recently about procrastination and not getting things done. I guess it’s a sign I’m on the right path, because I am anxious as anything about it, though oddly calm  since my life overall is pretty awesome right now.  It’s amazing how much time we wait and wish for something to happen, and pray for our environment to change and become more favorable for whatever goal (including knowing what your goal is..) and how little we do to prepare ourselves for this chage. Becoming happier by goiing after what we want will involve some change, and even if it’s for the better it can be a little uncomfortable. Like when you meet someone awesome and you might actually want a real relationship with them but you need to chillax and let it happen, for instance.

The greatest obstacles are internal- the vicious mental habits we all have that cut ourselves down before we ever get a fighting chance. Procrastination is really just another form of fear manifesting itself. Going for the cookies instead of the comfort you really need is another defense mechanism. We are so good at keeping ourselves from the things we really want. We are so good at telling ourselves how much we don’t deserve them and are incapable of having them. We are so good at shooting down things that are “impractical” no matter how illogical it is NOT to go for what you really want.  Because if you aren’t moving in that direction, you aren’t ready for the miracle of life of having the opportunity come your way. Settling for “good enough” takes space in your life from the very best life has to offer, and the very best you have to offer life. So dare yourself to dream and wish big, in the face of the very big and very real internal obstacles. Don’t let the false logic of self-doubt and lack of faith in the goodness in the world and what you have to offer it stop you from doing what you were born to do.

Which is, quite simply, flourish and be happy. Serve others and satisfy yourself. In no way are these things mutually exclusive, nor are love and money, individuality and belonging, freedom and family. Yes, there are some tradeoffs in life but they are not an excuse not to follow your dream. If your dream is as unique and individual as you are (trust me, it is) you will find interesting ways of combining the things that are really important to you.  That’s not saying that you wont’ have to make hard choices, but the fact you will have to chose something is no excuse for not pursuing your dream.

And the (seemingly) greatest obstacle of all, not knowing your dream? Well, talk about the ultimate defense mechanism. “I don’t have a goal, therefore I can do nothing to achieve it, and I have no chance of failure or success that will change my life.” This is kind of my problem at the moment. No, it is my problem. And I think the answer is just to look within, and ask what the next step is. Sometimes it’s the big picture that seems clearer, other times its the immediate next thing. But it is there, somewhere. Just have to stumble into it eventually, or the lightbulb will go on. But only if you let it. Standing alone in the darkness of your own doubts and fears is not going to help. Gathering support of those who love you, compassionate introspection, and letting yourself have faith that if you can dream it, you can do it, will help that lightbulb go on, or at least help you get moving towards the switch (you might trip over what you were really looking for in the process- The Lord works in mysterious ways).

And so I leave you to go work on that, cheris. Or rather, to get some sleep, maybe meditate a little, and try and heal up my little cold.

Until we meet again,