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is to be able to walk away from anyone who doesn’t. How can you be open to someone who will really love you if you are too busy worrying about some loser who doesn’t treat you well?

You can’t find someone who loves you and treats you well unless you are ready to walk away from anyone who doesn’t. End of story.

In order to do that, you might need to replenish your stock of self-love and remember whatis acceptable treatment, and how it makes you feel. If you haven’t had this in a relationship (yet), just think of how your friends treat you. If someone wouldn’t make a reliable, decent friend, they probably shouldn’t be your boyfriend or girlfriend.

And the only way you will find someone who will treat you well is to treat yourself well, and be open to it. The real love thing that can turn your life upside down, and will take you out of yourself a bit.

I dont claim to be in love, or even to be ain a relationship, but I think I know how it would feel. Nothing like the anxious, depressed feeling I usually associate with certain memories.
With the current dude, I’m a little afraid, like someone getting onto a rollercoaster who knows it will be safe. The truth is that my heart is safe no matter the twists and turns I find myself in, regardless of when the ride ends or where the journey takes me. I love and respect myself, am blessed with many other people who support and appreciate me, and have dreams that keep my life both purposeful and interesting, with or without a dude.

Of course I am human, and I do wait by the phone. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a mostly busy happy life I enjoy. I don’t need a relationship to escape, but I hoe for one that will help me evolve.

Well this will be a short post. And as far as love and self evolution is converned, maybe the coolest of things could happen and you’ll even become a we, at least for some purposes. Wow, isn’t that a huge grand almost incomprehensibly so idea.

Love you all, and good night.

gros bisous,