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Like my country,  I am caught between two alternatives. I daresay both my choices are better than those my country faces, unfortunately.

Yesterday I put in a formal inquiry to see if I could have the same resources (eg scholarship and loans) made available to me at the school I’m now attending in Paris, which I love.  No school is perfect, nor city, but I love it here.  Despite the various advantages of a dual degree program with a 6 week course sequence in Asia and the benefits of American management education which is sought after the world over, I thought it was at least worth a try to see what the situation was.  You never know until you ask, and at least it just gives me more incentive to work hard in my classes here.

And if it doesn’t work out, well, not poor me at all. I’ll also get to stay with the amazing friends I’ve made in my American cohort.  If they are real friends, things will change but they will still be my friends.

So I should go back to studying for financial accounting.  Or rather start…

I feel good about putting myself back into the winds of fate.  The uncertain feels familiar, since certainty and stability are only illusions, right? I feel like a surfer, and I think this is what Pocahontas meant when she sang about painting with all the colors of the wind.  I’ve never wanted to stay anywhere before, and that in itself shows me how much I need to just EXPLOSER la vie right now and soak in every moment.  Including studying for this test.

By the way, things seemed to have suddenly got a less easier.  Less internal resistance, because I am leaving it up to fate.  I’m getting my rear in gear and acting like the Megan Jones who knows how to fonce (drive towards a goal)!  Finally doing those things I knew I needed to but put off.  It’s a lot easier to do your best when you remember He’s got the whole world in His hands.

A toute a l’heure! Feel free to tell me if I’m crazy, because I most certainly am.

God bless America and Americans! And all the people who don’t have all the choices, luxuries, and freedoms that we enjoy.

Today is certainly a day for a little timely but early Thanksgiving. Que la vie soit belle!

Gros bisous mes cheris,