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Soliciting your wisdom

Things are financially equal between staying at my partner school in Paris and coming back to the US. I’d have to do a work study as a research assistant though. The Parisian school doesn’t have accreditation in the US though it is French equivalent of Ivy League. The French economy isn’t booming, especially for foreign people needing work visas, either.

In the immediate future, I would prefer to stay and live here, but in my life as a whole, I don’t know if I want to stay in France FOREVER FOREVER. In fact, I don’t know if I want to stay anywhere forever forever, and an American diploma would probably help in the Anglo-Saxon world.

I’m really happy with my life in Paris and the amazing people at the school, and not to mention the boy, who’s not trying to sway the decision (we only met about a month ago).

In some ways, I think the question is about whether I’m going to stay in Paris indefinitely, for the next few years, or continue to Phlly and Asia with my program. And then try to come back.  It might take working as an English teacher or tour operator for a few months while looking for a “real” job.

And what I want most, of course, is to just think deep thoughts, research things of interest to me, and expound upon it to an audience. Yes, I still want to be a college professor, or a writer.

When people ask me what my career goals are, they are not immediate goals though.  I feel like I need more work experience- it would have intrinsic value for me at this point.

There’s definitely a lot of questions about long term goals and flexibility vs short term.  I can’t say I want to stay in France forever, but I do know that, barring anything super unexpected, it’s where I want to be after graduation. If I can find a good job, however.

But I don’t write this blog just to make pro-con lists. I do it to philosophize and connect with like minded people.  Who may or may not be good devil’s advocates


So what do I do? Follow my bliss to stay in Paris and put all my eggs in the basket of working here?

Follow my bliss back to Philly (no offense but yuck) and then get to go to Asia for like 2 months? And then try to find work in France?

Thoughts appreciated.  Any kind of good proverbs or idk wisdom would be helpful right now.

So blessed to have this choice, but it’s not gonna be easy.  At least I’ll know I’ve put myself through the ringer and feel okay about whatever choice I make.


Love you all! bisou bisou