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So i went to a career fair today in Paris. Basically discovered that without a more or less native level of French ad a degree in engineering a lot of jobs I could be cut out for are a no go. Yup, I’m American with a broad-based generalist education and I know it.  So yes, I will continue my search for the right job, but I will also consider creating my own. Yup, you guessed it- maybe I’ll go be an entrepreneur.

My main career goal is autonomy- in where I work, how I work, and what I work on. So that was always the ultimate goal. I thought I would need some intermediate steps to get there, and maybe I still will, but there’s a work permit for entrepreneurs, so there’s that at least.

What shall i sell? Perspective, humor, vision- for the little people. I will attempt to be the McKinsey Quarterly and Thomas L Friedman-well maybe not, maybe more Nicholas Kristof- to the common man. Inform, educate, and influence the real decisionmakers behind the ballot boxes. Make the world safe for democracy in my own special way. Democratize higher knowledge.

Don’t go stealing my business model-or breaking my world- because I don’t have one yet (a biz plan that is). [My heart…ah oui…zut alors…on verra…il faut du temps.]

that’s me, the person fleeing the great American job machine that isn’t but at least is better than celle de la France where I can barely work legally without a ton of hassle. Sounds like a time to make necessity the mother of invention and pioneer an amazing groundwbreaking biz plan.  Or go with what has worked in the past and see what happens fo rme.

Management for everybody-yay everybody wins- ehh Idk exactly yet. I want to share my gifts with the world, and let’s see if I can design a solution within the constraints I have, and keep looking for jobs in the meantime. I am most def excited by the possibility. On verra!

Just accepting who I am. I’m a good misfit, generally a good student, and not a huge fan of fitting the mould.  We’ll see if I’m up for some creative self employment and use strategy in everyday life!