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I dream of someone who will truly support all my goals and dreams, and encourage me to fulfill myself.

I dream of someone patient and kind, who inspires the same in me.

I dream of great trust, honesty, and sincerity.

I dream of commitments that are sure and true; not hastily made nor thoughtlessly broken.

I dream of discovery that never ends, and knowing that I have come home.

I dream of someone that brings out the best in me and together bringing hope to the world. Together.

I dream of someone who brings me closer to God, as God brings me closer to him.

This is my dream of love, the wish that will come true with all the desire of my soul. I have faith in love, in things unseen, in God the almighty. I don’t know when he is coming, but I am ready for the bridegroom that comes unexpectedly in the night. I won’t let my lamp run out of oil, and will wait patiently until he comes.  In order to be the bride I need also to be the servant, not of my love, who is my equal before all, but to Love, which is one of the names of God.