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Here I am, freaking out about not knowing what or how to go about making those magic moments, kind of like I’ve freakd out in the past about how to meet somebody special (so far the guy I met walking home from the bar who asked me for a light is working out pretty fine and dandy), and I remember how pretty much NONE of the cool stuff that’s happened to me has been by design.  Sure, I’ve made some good decisions, but a lot of the seemingly game changing ordeals have not happened by my own choice. Exhibit A: Teaching English in France for a year due to the crappy post-recession job market. Exhibit B: Going to the college that sent me to Madagascar and Russia gratis, which was pretty much my last minute just to please Mom cuz the cuz went there application, not to mention put me in line for a ton of other great experiences.  And let’s not forget, joining the speech and debate society and getting into economics, politics, and all that cool stuff mostly because I got cut from the freshman basketball team (first round- ouch).

So I think that a lot of the best things in life really are free and come to us freely. However, when the Hand of God  puts something in your path, it’s up to you to make the most of the opportunity and recognize it. Now, the loving force that animates the universe is pretty generous, and I do believe we keep on facing the same lesson till we’ve mastered it aka karma is a bitch and it’s a bit more than what goes around comes around. Nope, we’ve all got our purpose (s) on this earth, we al have big choices to make and dreams to fulfill, pressures we face, and we are all mortal and far from omniscient. O humanity. [For you fellow Christians out there, it really makes you think about what the Christmas season is all about.  It would take some serious love to convince me to be human if I had it literally all going on. No wonder Jesus is the reason for the season.]

So it takes patience, to wait for the right moment. Lots and lots of patience. It takes courage to face ourselves and be honest about what we really want. And then it takes courage to take the risk and pursue it. And then just perseverance perseverance and more patience. And more than likely, you will have to rinse and repeat.  It doesn’t seem to be a one stop for most of us, this finding your purpose thing, but maybe that’s because I haven’t found mine yet. For most people I think it involves different things through different parts of our lives.  And for all of us, it’s about much more than a career, though we all need to eat somehow at every stage of our lives.  And it would be nice to have a little extra money to take weekend trips and live in Europe, just saying.

You’ve got to wait, and act, and try, and be patient, and sometimes, readjust.  That’s the big secret of life. Maybe you will hear a voice in the clouds, or maybe you will just have to listen to that still small voice in your own heart. And it will come in its own sweet time. But please, have the courage to listen, and pray for the strength to carry out whatever it asks.

Good luck and God Bless,