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I know this kind of seems like a no-brainer, but boy, i love France. Yes, I lived in a rural area with no young people and not even that much regular interaction with French people but I couldn’t wait to come back, to get my degree from a French institution. And here I am now, studying in Paris and making plans for a triumphal return.  I actually love speaking French more than anything else about France, I think.

Why France? Why anything?

I’ve felt sort of bereft thinking that I’m a jack of all trades and master of none, that there’s no hobby like running or scrapbooking or speedeating that gives my life beauty and meaning.

and then I remembered, I speak French.

I wanted to speak French since Disney’s Beauty and the beast. I tried to teach myself French when I was ten by getting books out of the library. And then I’ve been taking French ever since 7th grade, all my years of formal education except my master’s degree which is, well, in France.  So I guess that counts.

My French mama former colleague told me I had gotten a lot better.

And now, I’m planning to come back to France and if I don’t get a job right away, take a class at the Sorbonne so I can get that danged piece of paper I need to legally do an internship! Woao!  And in any case, I want to take the Test de Connaissance du Francais (TCF) again to beat my B2 from last avril! And take a business French course in Philly to help me get a job and keep up my level and schedule my TCF examen for after it so I have a good reason to keep at it!  And I spent like an hour pouring over grammaire exercice books, but figured I’ll just wait till the end of my sejour and use up my euros then!

Guess what today’s quest was: finding the Alchemist and another Paulo Coelho novel (Onze minutes) in French, used book store style! woo hoo!

So yeah, I guess I do have a skill where I am progressively gaining mastery and driven to succeed.  Ouais.