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You can take a small step towards what you really want, then two.

Realize that if you are capable of dreaming it, in gross and vivid and exuberant and heart singing detail, you are probably capable of doing it. Seriously.  If you are overwhelmed about what you need to get there, realize you probably already have 90% of it. And the rest you will develop in the course of pursuing your goal.

I feel uncomfortable speaking in generalities and telling people everyone can and should fulfill their dreams. They should at least try, and at least dare to dream. I can’t speak for everyone’s circumstances, and I have heard more than one CEO tell me that life can be random, success, change, etc. We are all to a certain extent products of our environent but we CAN influence them in turn and we can choose how to respond. So yeah, not bad apples as I suppose.

Sinon, I realized I’ve got some thoughts I would like to share in a more professional setting. All I really need to do is take the time to write it and have the couilles aka balls to publish it, that’s it.  I really have a lot of what I need, except for credibility in my own eyes which makes me believe I waon’t get it from others and my efforts will be for naught- but there’s nothing wrong with a dead end, and nothing worong with experimentation and experience. So I should do it, sans doute, and not freak out because I might have not caught something on spell check and no one will think my content is valuable enough that they will overlook this error anyway.  That’s the dry cold cruel humor in the back of my head, btws.

Taking a step forward means you can’t return to the original position unchanged. Everything will change you, staying and leaving. And you can also be the change, sso just try.

I’m psyching up myself for this, I think I’m getting close to the exceptional time.  All will be well, en tout cas.

Just do it. You will be able to support the consequences, and you will do things you never thought you could have because you are going in the direction of your dreams, unsolifiied or otherwise.


best regards and amicalement,