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This is one of those moments that you have to try to smile because it happened and not cry because it’s over.

I’m so grateful for all the wonderful people I’ve met here, the great things I’ve had the privilege to see, and the opportunity to speak French better. I’m especially lucky to have gotten to be a part of the amazingly open and international environment at my school.

And there’s that guy, too. Well, he is all set to come to the United States for Christmas vacation, as he told me when we first met.  He’s going to come and meet my family, and we are going to spend New Year’s together.  I guess I won’t spend the next few hours wondering if he’s going to call or not. He’s pretty wonderful.

Now I have once again the enviable problem of deciding what to go and see in this awesome city.  And getting up and dressed to make it happen, leaving some of my chores and (le sigh) packing till the daylight’s gone.

I’m not going to stay inside and wonder if I’ll make it back to Paris, ruminate on my career options, and wonder what can possibly become of me and my man.  I’m not even going to sit in horror at what happened in Newton, Connecticut, wonder why so many people in this world will never have opportunities to live in comfort or see Paris, or feel undeserving of the many gifts I’ve been given.

Today, I’m in Paris.  I think I’m going to go to the museum chronicling Paris’ history, and maybe meet a friend in Montmartre. I plan to go to church, clean my apartment, do some homework, and start (gulp) packing.

Today is wondrous, magnificent. Today is enough. Today is a blessing.  Today is my treasure, my deepest riches. Today is all I have, and I will love it like it will never come again.

Today, I love Paris.

Today, I love.

Amities and gros bisous,