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When it shines through the prism of your soul, it creates many colors you didn’t even know were there before.

Sometimes, like the sun, it might seem absent, but you know it is just a matter of patience before it returns.

Like all living things, like all growing things, we need to rest and grow when it’s dark. But the sun will come out tomorrow, and the darkness is always deepest before the dawn.

And who is the sun? Who is my sunshine, my only sunshine from which all good things come?

No, it is not one person, one passion, one place. Though there are stars that are always there, lighting the night if unseen during the day, and there is the sun, whose love even unseen, even seemingly absent, warms the planet.

Give thanks for all the manifestations of love. In its presence, its seeming absence, its infancy, its growth and maturity, its steadfastness, its playfulness, its hope, its joy.

Don’t be tricked into thinking that with love must come longing, separation, and pain. Those things are human, they are temporary, and they are not of love which is eternal. No, true love is always there, always cherished, and always providing energy and life. Don’t be sad in the absence of your lover, don’t fear to love because of necessary absence, just know love is always there.

Love is patient and kind.

No matter how you see it, no matter how it reveals itself to you, love is there, and here, and always now.