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Well, actually, love kind of is waiting.

The abstinence campaigns use the slogan “Tru Love Waits.” I’m not going to discuss chastity, and I have no desire to promote it, but it is correct. If someone loves you enough, they will not pressure you to do anything you don’t want to do, even if it is making love.  And it is true that in many ways, love and sex are two entirely different things.  But the idea of doing what you are comfortable with, when you are comfortable is certainly an important component of any healthy relationship.

I think it is most correct, however, in the idea that love is waiting somewhere in the wings, just out of sight.

This is the idea that keeps people watching How I Met Your Mother, that makes them subscribe to dating sites, that makes single people who would rather stay in go out, that makes every day a bit of a mystery.  And it’s true. I can’t claim to have found uncategorically my true love, but I can say that I had no idea what awaited me when I met the guy I’ve been seeing now for about two and a half months.

I am waiting for him now.

You’ve heard me reflect on waiting by the phone, waiting to see how things turn out, waiting to see if he’s as great as he seems, and all that jazz. I was not really waiting, as in waiting in haste, to go back to America from Paris where I’ve been studying abroad the past few months, but in a sense, that was all waiting too. As was the trip that my dude had planned long before meeting me to go visit his friend in America during this winter vacation. Quelle coincidence!

Anyway, due to some unforeseen events and confusion and general chill personality, my dude has been rushing around all day and not able to see me on my last day in Paris (FOR NOW). I wasn’t sure if things would work out, and I could have gone to the movies with my friends instead of waiting for him to be ready, but he said he would try to come and see me. I was annoyed, frustrated, and mostly emotionally vulnerable. Circumstances beyond our control occur, and neither of us are super well organized, so it just so happens that this was the situation.

And even after the dude confirmed he would come, but late, I waited. I thought about going to sleep but I didn’t want to be too drowsy and out of it. And now the dude has said he’s on his way, and I am waiting for him again. He probably won’t remember my door code.

That’s him. He forgot it.

Well, I guess he came after all.