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I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.

Michaelangelo is set to have seen the statue already in the marble rather than imposing his will upon it; he saw his work as liberation, not execution. This year, I want to be the real me.
I think the real me is peaceful at heart, is a kind and loving person, shares her passions freely with the world, and works hard with great love and focus.  Her discipline comes from the sheer joy of the world’s wonder and whatever the craft, the goal she turns her hand to.
This year, I am going to work on having peace of mind, body, spirit, relationships, and surroundings. I am going to work on harmony and flow.  I am going to recognize that all these areas of life flow into each other and nothing is separate.  Along the way to achieving my aims, I’m not going to judge myself when I stumble and fall, I’m going to try to figure out why it happened and fix it with compassionate attention. Case in point, when I start eating everything in site and not being able to walk past a candy jar without taking three pieces, I’m going to ask myself what is really bothering me.  And then I’m going to work on that stress bit by bit.  And say the serenity prayer as often as necessary.  As my room gets messy, I’ll try to find a place for everything- while also working on being more present and attentive before things pile up, and reminding myself why a little organization won’t do any harm.
I could go into great detail about things I don’t want to do anymore/things I want to change [exercise, run, eat right, run five ks, stop drinking soda, stop chasing after people who don’t want me, live in the moment more, stop letting long term uncertainty get in the way of short term discipline, procrastinate less( i know this one is related to emotions and relationships too), be more organized, know what and where my belongings are, throw things I don’t need it, go to yoga, spend my money more wisely, tie up loose ends as quickly as posible, stay in better touch with my true friends, etc]
However, the goal here is NOT to enumerate all the behaviors I want to monitor and come up with ways of monitoring each one to affect behavioral change. I don’t necessarily want to do a food diary and count points, and I definitely don’t want to start weighing myself all the time.
What I want to create, bit by bit, is a vision of the way I want to live my life, and let my values guide me.  I don’t want to stop drinking diet soda so I can lose weight and reduce my risk of cancer; I want to nourish my body.
I want to create harmony and equilibrium especially between body, mind, and spirit; have more harmonious and peaceful outer surroundings to help my inner self be calmer; to love myself more so I can love others unselfishly  and healthfully. Take care of myself rather than just trying to indulge myself to make it up for a bad day- really give myself the life I want rather than just consuming/ consoling myself for the life I do lead.
I want every step of every day to lead me ever more surely to love, health, happiness, and prosperity, though happy in the moment as well.
I don’t just want a new year’s resolution list; I want a makeover from the inside out, as well as from the outside in. I don’t want to change; I just want to be the real me, the angel asking to come out of the stone.  Leaving behind the things that don’t really help or empower me or enable me to sere my mission to others.