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So in between writing about my latest dude drama like a thirteen year old with a xanga(remember those? How strange they were) I realized I’m pretty happy with my life on the whole.

I have some awesome friends, who are there to bitch to about dude problems and just to share good times with.

I have the most amazing family.

I am living my dreams and seeing the world.

Sure, still working out the career and gainful employment and living your passion stuff, but I’m getting there.

In fact, I think I can keep happy even if I cut out some soda and chocolate and bad habits.  Even this guy, if need be.

In fact, I think that with the help of God and maybe a little help from my friends, I might even be able to make a good judgement in the case of this guy. And that I will survive and learn from it even if I made a bad one.

Yeah, so I’ve been waiting for the right guy to be in a relationship with for about five years now. That was about 10 countries, finding out my passion for traveling, ameliorating my level of French 1000%, living in France two times, living in Paris, 3 internships in Washington DC, a grad degree in progress, a bachelors degree with honors, several jobs, more than a few lovers, two solo backpacking trips through Europe, learning to yoga a bit, strengthening my relationship with my family a lot, and making the most amazing friends ago.

So if need be, I can wait a little bit longer.

And if not, if this is the dude and the time through some strange twist, I am prepared to deal with another person’s idiosyncracies and build a stable, long term, healthy relationship and have some more fun.  Without counting on him for my happiness.

So while I’m waiting the approximately 7ish more hours till his flight lands [and maybe he won’t even call me then cuz he might have to go to work] I can be cool and not stress. And watch How I Met Your Mother for important life lessons, because I still do care. Because I am an open and forgiving person. Because I know I can walk away, without ever walking away from happiness.

The best part of my happiness is that I had to go through some rough times to get here, so while I hope for continued good fortune, I know I can withstand some rough seas, too. And enjoy the journey.