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you can’t find it, because you can’t lose it.

you can’t build it, nor buy it.

it’s not a person, some people, or a place.

but it makes anywhere feel familiar, like there’s only one place in the world like it.

it makes you safe

it brings you peace

there, you will feel unending love.

it is the space you carry in your heart

it is a room, a womb, a vessel

empty space. love.

a state of mind

you will always belong there, always have, and always will.


no one can lead you home, or bring you there

there might be signs along the way

but the key is yours

you can misplace it but is never lost, is never destroyed.


it is an opening, not a closing

when the bounds are broken, not when roots tie you down

it gives you wings but keeps you grounded

there is freedom, and belonging

possibility and history

be home.