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I’m on the razor’s edge of a new big change- moving to Philadelphia for 6ish months. Wow.   It will be the longest I’ve continually lived anywhere since moving to Rochefort, France in October 2011, but there I had a 3 week break where I went back to America and did some amazing trips in between.  This will be my first time living in America for a long time as a young adult, grad student, and if I find my first job abroad, I’m not sure when I’ll be back except to see my parents, and Philly is probably not going to be the place I will pick to settle.

So now it’s time to enjoy America as a land, however unforeign; a world that is opening up to me.  A world I had to give up something to get to, just like moving to France for the first time. I hope this experience will be just as consciousness-expanding and perspective enhancing. I realize that all could change on the turn of a dime (is that an expression) and I’m open to how this place will change me too. I want to go back to Paris, and I think I will still want to go back to Paris after this, but seriously, I want to enjoy the here and now. And I can’t make the journey any shorter or easier by not opening up to where I am in it. In a short 9 months, God willing, I will have my grad degree, my MBA, and ideally a job or internship lined up.

Carpe diem.