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Lord, you are the center of my life.

Though I’m not in any rush to go to Heaven just yet, I do think that being close to God, to the good, and to something of deepest profoundest most hidden most radiant beingness is the most important narrative arc of my life. At least, I hope to make it so.

Whatever happens out there in the phenomenal world- be it finding my soul mate, succeeding at the perfect job, doing something meaningful, getting everything into order- it’s feeling okay in here that’s the important thing.  And hopefully figuring it out a little for the benefit of others as well.

Ironically, I’m making this discovery kind of because of having an audience. The blog is really helping me. When I wonder if I’ll ever find love, and I see a got a new like, it is the biggest relief in the world- SOMEONE gets me! It breaks the illusion of loneliness and separateness. We’re all in this together.

So, while you can’t really come with me, it is my honor and privilege to share my stories with you.

Everybody has different ways of getting in touch with it- running, freediving, writing, acting, teaching- but we are all just finding our vehicles for this spiritual journey, that brings us closer to God while yet on this earth, and thus closer to one another.  Despite our fallen, damned, wretched humanity (and I really do believe saved by the grace of his Son), we all have the spark of God within us that provides light in the darkness and meaning to our lives. The charm of life is not knowing exactly how it will reveal itself, and the beauty of life is the myriad ways God shows himself to us through each other.  I guess I could say herself too.  Be it your painting, my poetry, your family, or my travels, we are all in this together,  finding our way back home.