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Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. This one thing has changed my life profoundly. I used to feel so lonely thinking I had no one to confide the neverending stream of thoughts to, and that no one really understood me, even the people who cared. Blogging has put me in touch with a whole community of people with thoughtful thoughts and amazing stories to share.  More than anything else, writing this has helped me see that I was never alone.  It has been a pleasure and an honor to see the world through your eyes and give you a glimpse through my telescope.

Without the pressure of loneliness, my relationships in real life have become so much richer. I get to seek to understand more than be understood, and I feel like I don’t have to talk about myself in order to connect. And when i do talk about myself, I do it in a less self deprecating manner. I do it from a place of increased self awareness that helps the people I am talking to identify with what I’m going through and my emotional needs. Blogging has made me more human, as has travel, and it has helped me communicate my essential human truths. For that, there’s no amount of material recompense.

yes, blogging has taken the URGENCY out of my emotions and my need to communicate. It’s made me more in touch with what’s going on with me and made me less in my head and intellectual. It’s given me a way to really examine my thoughts and refine them rather than just churning the wheels in my head to become butter melted by the littlest of slights. Secretly or not so secretly I’m a sensitive person, and being able to blog has just put things in perspective like never before. I’m on facebook and twitter less, so while I do look forward to getting likes and especially comments, the relative anonymity and the focus on my thoughts, and not my “social network,” really makes it a freeing and constructive social activity.  I feel a lot less shy, and I feel like when I do confide it’s more appropriate and I feel much more present.

Telling the stories about my life and travels and loves has not given me all the answers I was seeking, but it’s shown me deeper answers that I don’t think I could have gotten just writing in a diary (which I still do on occassion). Writing the blog is a lot of me, me, me, true, but it’s also about connecting my story to the bigger picture, and I don’t know any better remedy for loneliness than that.

i could go on about anti-intellectual culture in America, social networking sites, and the thousands of reasons people feel lonely every day, but I think those kind of critiques miss the essential point: A tiny bit of honest, open, constructive communication every day with people who do want to connect on a slightly deeper, longer than 140 characters level makes things awesome everywhere. Blogging is just a much more appropriate platform for a lot of the things that i want to communicate, and as Socrates says in Phaedrus

“Nothing has value until it is communicated.”

So thank you. i hate to make it sound like a cheesy awards gala speech, but the truth is that even if 90% of my posts go into cyberspace unread, just knowing someone COULD stumble upon it, in their moment of need or boredom or curiosity, just lends a totally different quality to my writing and my life. Thank you for giving me a beautiful way to sing my song.

Blessings, peace, and love,