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I’ve noticed I seem to end a lot of posts asking for a little divine help and intervention, and I do try to end my days remembering to do the same as well.

The more I try to think about things, the more I plan ahead, the more I try to choose before knowing what my choices really are or what they mean, the more I try to control my life, the less in control I am. I think this is pretty true of everybody.

God can’t be a scapegoat, God can’t be a get out of jail free card, God can’t be a way of avoiding responsibility for your own life.  But God is there to remind you there’s more than your own life, yet your life is infinitely precious and valuable.

Whatever your creed or lack thereof, i think we can all agree that there are some things beyond human capacity for true knowledge. Epistemology, we just don’t always know, and what we do know is based on assumptions. For all we know, we are like the Hoos down in Hooville floating on a speck on a thistle, and God is our Horton. Or maybe, He/She is Horton’s Horton’s Horton’s Horton. We can’t know.

But this is where the value of subjective experience comes in. This is where believing to a certain extent is seeing, though that is quite dangerous because there’s a fine line between mental illness and fervent religious or spiritual belief. Whose truth is truth anyway? Who’s real is real?  Can God just be something that you feel?  In whatever way you can feel that which is omniscient, omnipotent, and all good?

I guess it’s possible that all that prayer and positive intention stuff just rewires your brain and serves evolutionary purposes of group cohesion and though the experience of God is real from the perspective of the person, it is not objectively or measurably so.

But who can measure love? Who can measure joy? sadness? commitment? Sure we can see what’s going on in our brains, and we can speculate as to the neurotransmitters and brain regions involved, but isn’t there something just a little beyond that? That science will never be able to explain or measure?

I’m not a materialist, if you can’t tell. I know some people are.  But even if you think that we are just chemical cocktails aware of themselves, floating around in a random amorphous mass of probabilities that lead to this day and this time, can’t you see something beyond the horizon? Can’t you see something wonderful and not just think it is a trick of the light? Can’t the world be magical even with science?  Isn’t there wonder behind reason?

So, I will close in prayer, to let go and let God, to love my neighbor as myself, to know my neighbor is all of mankind, and to know it’s always time to surrender to God. There is no appropriate amount of effort to put in, no test of when it’s appropriate to call in the Saints. They are not ghostbusters or ghosthunters. There is nothing too big and nothing to small to ask for heavenly aid. There is never a moment that can’t or shouldn’t be lived with a heart open to Grace.

Saranem. Namaste,