Thanks so much to Cheerios for Dinner for the award!

Here goes, according to the rules, 11 random facts about me.

1. I wear a women’s size 11 shoe

2. My first CD was Shania Twain Come On Over

3. I played the clarinet

4. I can write my name in Cyrillic characters

5. I have contemplated getting a tattoo (of a fleur de lys or a lotus with a cross) but haven’t done it (yet)

6. I have never been to South America

7. I love potato gnocchi

8. My favorite chain restaurant is Houlihan’s

9. One of my dude roommates is a lot neater than I am

10. I am not really watching the Superbowl 47 right now

11. I love How I Met Your Mother

Questions to Answer:

  1. A particularly bored Dr. Who shows up with a properly functioning Tardis.  Do you ask to hitch a ride so you can change something about your past?  I wish I had kept running cross country and stayed in the habit.
  2. What makes your favorite movie your favorite? Witty funny, slightly inspiration- have no idea what my favorite movie is, btws
  3. Which would you rather do: become fluent in another language or become an expert at a(nother) musical instrument? Another language, most def
  4. Who is the most intelligent person you know? I know a lot of smart people. Going with my finance rof
  5. What’s your favorite idiom? I don’t “get” it
  6. Think about the last person you spoke to in person.  What color are their eyes? Blue
  7. A wizard casts a spell on you and you have to live in any cartoon world, from film or TV, that you want.  Which do you pick? Belle’s castle- no brainer
  8. Have you ever been camping? Um, does the backyard count?
  9. If you had to make a film about your family, which actor/actress would you cast for each member? I have way too many people in my family with way too distinct personalities to be able to do that. Dad- Elvis Mom-Maureen O Hara Sister 1- Barbie Sister 2- Megan Fox
  10. What type of accent do you have? Depends who I am talking to. I can do precise international English or run a bit to the NJ
  11. What is one thing that you wish every person on this earth could have? The opportunity to express their fullest human potential.

My nominees (this is the haaard part)

1 Morning Story and Dilbert

2 The Commonzense of Saint James

3 Of Fries and Men

4 Consistently Contradictory

5 Sleepy Tales and Lucid Dreams

6 On Windy Days

7 Nomad

8 Around the World with Steve

9 Just got a comment from the author today and I think everybody should read what she has to say!

10 The Wandering Vixen

11 Conversations with the Moon

My questions for these nominees:

1 Favorite country

2 Favorite color

3 Favorite non-work activity

4 Best movie you’ve ever seen

5 Favorite movie to watch when you’re down

6 Favorite fiction book

7 The number 1 thing you read everyday without exception

8 If you could change your first name, what would you pick

9 Favorite TV show I should start watching

10 Any noticeable tattoos? Do you think they are sacred body art/ok for other people/trashy/against your personal morals?

11 Favorite city