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I’m going to have to let go of my old persona to embrace the person I am now.

She doesn’t have it all together all the time. She is just finding her way in the world. She doesn’t have a be-all end-all plan, nor does she pretend to. She goes to school to learn what she thinks is useful and get her degree- she doesn’t need the best grades to prove she’s smart. In fact, she has lost the motivation to prove things to people who don’t matter, knowing the ones who do will understand if she is true to herself and her instincts. Her goal is not to please or impress other people, but to live in peace with herself. Whether it is going to yoga, editing her resume, or doing her homework, she does it with only one person in mind- herself.

She doesn’t let what other people are doing distract her from her own goals. She doesn’t need to be the best at everything to feel like she’s a worthy person. She knows her future lies in her integrity. There’s no mental calculus trying to find an optimal balance between pleasing herself and others. She pleases herself.  And the people who love her, really love her. And she can accept that love because she loves herself.

Instead of feeling exhausted by a pace and a rat race and a competition with the world she can never win, she finds her satisfaction inwards. She doesn’t need to prove anything to anybody, least of all to herself. She has faith in her own good work, and offers her gifts to the world. She trusts God. She doesn’t fill her days with empty activities and try to hide from the unknown future by taking part in pointless competition. She knows that today is just one step.

She no longer looks at inner harmony as a means to succeed “in the real world,” of things outside of her. She looks at happiness as an end in itself. She doesn’t have lists of things she needs to be happy, or calculated substitutions which can suffice.  She takes every opportunity as it comes and lets things unfold in her own time. Instead of preparing to fail, she knows with her deepest conviction she will win. The prize is happiness, not status, not money, not praise. She knows she will have everything she asked for and more. When she looks beyond the horizon into the seemingly dark void of the future, she sees the stars in the night sky, and the vastness of space. She is humbled, and has hope.

This new center is found within, a lotus blooming in her heart. Now.

She is a dreamer, a philosopher, a knight errant, a fool. She is not afraid to be so, not afraid to be who she really is deep inside. Her freedom sets the whole world free, and some part of her that faced certain death is alive and well again.

She loves the world; she does not dominate it. She quiets her mind, takes one step forward, and hopes for the best. She lets time do its work, smiling gently. She waits in joyful hope, she is valiant and courageous. She lives in harmony with the spheres, letting her own miraculous life unfold before her, without fear.  She walks in beauty; she lives in love.