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because not all things are possible at all times.

because time will tell.

because it’s not the right moment.

because he said he would call.

because I trust him.

because I trust if he doesn’t call, I can live without him.

because I have other things to do.

because I want not only to love, but to be loved.

because I can be vulnerable, strong, and compassionate all at the same time.

because you can’t force a mystery open.

because everything that’s good is mysterious.

because whatever I do, the outcome is out of my control anyway.

because I’m learning to be at peace with the uncertain.

because I know when to hold and when to fold.

because I’m attracting all the right things in my life.

because I’m not totally sure that he will be one of them, for one reason or another.

because I can, and I will, and for the moment, my heart says I must.