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How will I know you love me

If I call you first.

If I say, I miss you.

If I imply I was wrong somehow

But don’t know what to fix.


How can you show you love me

If I call you first.

You said you would call.

I’m waiting, but full with other things

Still missing the sound of your voice

Please call.


If you don’t call,

How will I trust you?

How will I know you love me

And wanted to hear my voice?

Do you love me?


Is something between us

A boulder,

An emergency,

Feigned indifference,


Is there something deeper there,

Or something bigger that’s been lost.

I miss you,

But I’ll let you go if you don’t want to miss me,

If you don’t miss me.


He loves me, he loves me not

I’m so mad at you

And sometimes lovesick and scared.

O honey, don’t let go

If you fly away and leave me lonely,

I will survive.

But I miss you.

My love is hope.