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Can you hear on your side?

Remember that string with a jingle attached-

I’ve given a gentle tug in my ribcage

To hear the tintintabulation

Of how you make me feel.

If it’s still working in yours, is still attached,

Please, please

Pull it back, and say hello.

Call me

On our homemade telephone

We play with like children

(Still, I hope.)

If the hook in your stomach

Pulls up a little, like a rollercoaster

And makes you just a little uneasy,

Dizzy, queasy, full of excitement

And happy terror

Still catches at the thought of me-

Please, scream for me.

I don’t want to get off this ride with you.

Please come back-

Into the seat beside me.

I don’t want to tie you down

I want you to buoy me up

I want to play

I want to smile with you again.

I don’t want tie you down just yet

To cradles and till the grave.

I want to go on an adventure.

Let’s float together.

And maybe someday, we’ll climb a mountain together.

I like your company-

I wonder if you’d be a good belay.

I think so.

Thank you for keeping me laughing.

Thank you for not indulging my fears.

Thank you for teaching my heart to be a bit lighter.

Thank for being an adventure, instead of a commitment.

I’m already so heavy, laden down with supplies for my travels.

But I want you to be my companion, sometimes

I miss you.

Now you know me better,

How I lust

For the greatest love story ever told.

(I am just a little girl after all.)

So play with me, but don’t play with my heart.

But come, let’s play

Be my companion.

Please be brave enough

(Like Prince Charming)

To come close to the edge of me,

Daring enough to fall off the cliff

And fly into love with me.

I’m dangerous, I’m heady

Fearless, free

Fierce, independent

Fragile as a lamb.

An adventurer, explorer

Teacher, friend, sometimes


I want to take care of you.

But please, make me smile.

I need to smile through my tears;

You’re right, I’m too serious.

Say hello.


Please, I hope you’ll say peekaboo.

But don’t disappear.

You’ll still be magic

In my child’s heart.