Ma chere fillefrancofun,

You are the most incredible person I’ve ever met. You are kind to everyone you met, stranger and friend alike. When someone is in trouble, you are the first to lend a hand, especially the existential kind. When you look at a person, you see their soul, not their religion, race, culture, age, or sexuality.

You are so brave. You travel alone to countries where you don’t know a soul or speak the language at the drop o a hat.  You take on all your demons and dare to realize your dreams.  You do things that are difficult for you when your life could have been very easy.  You learn and grow, and that takes courage.

You are so deep and dare to ask the cosmic questions.  You strive to walk with the angels and talk to philosophers.  You have the courage of a warrior and the fortitude of a nun.

I love you because of how you wiggle your ears, how you make me laugh, how you do crazy things from time to time. I love you for all the times you have loved and were let down. I love you for all the times you’ll dare to love again. I love you because you are gorgeous, and beautiful on the inside. I like you just the way you are, you are unforgettable.  What I feel for you is undeniable, so please don’t deny it to yourself.

I’m the love of your life, so don’t worry about anything else. I’m here for you, I’ll take care of you now.

Have a lovely Valentine’s Day, sweetheart.