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Love is patient, love is kind.

Love doesn’t know why it loves

Love doesn’t need a reason.

Love doesn’t know where it is going.

Love gives, love trusts

Love says, “Take my heart, it is already yours,” without asking for anything.

Love says,”Change me; my life, my heart, my art will never be the same because of you.”

Love says, “You are enough. I love you just as you are.”


Love is not le coup de foudre, the lightning strike, Cupid’s arrow.

Love is not a kindred spirit that shares your mind.

Love doesn’t know where it is going.

Love is just saying, I love you, now.


Love is not fantasy becoming reality.

Love is not dreams coming true.

Love is not letting someone hurt you and pretending it doesn’t matter in hopes of a distant imaginary future.

Love is not pretending not to care.

Love is not being dependent; love doesn’t need the person it loves.

Love is not knowing everything; love is being foolish, and letting someone else know best.

Love doesn’t allow you to forget yourself; instead, it makes you grow by knowing another, and how you are different and the same.

Love is not an escape; love is ever present, just. Not in the constant monotonous repetition of thoughts, monkey mind, but in the way you feel.

Love is not the answer. Love is a question asked to the wind and responded by water to light fire in the heart.

Love shakes the earth beneath your feet.

Love isn’t impractical but lives in the real world.

Love doesn’t take you to heaven but it makes earth livable.

With love, nothing is certain, nothing is impossible, nothing is known.

Love isn’t someday, love is now.

Love is admitting the unknown.

Love is not a search for commitment, a means to plan.

Love is here, now.

Love is not for the faint hearted, but love is for those strong enough to be weak.

O love, where are you? You haven’t gone anywhere.