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I met someone today whose job didn’t exist a year ago. He’s having a great time, but he says it’s really hard.

It’s really hard to do things that have never been done before, to pave your own way, and define your own life.

Life is really hard- not just when we go against our grain and try to be something we are not, but also when we try to become fully who we truly want to be and are meant to be come. They are both hard- but one is a whole lot better on your health! You can bet which is better for your happiness!

Also, remember that who you are has never existed before, and will never exist again. No matter how ordinary you might feel, you are truly an individual. You have never lived before, or never lived this life before. Just like your generation, your kind has never before been seen upon this earth and the challenges you face couldn’t have been dreamed of by past generations, perhaps to a greater extent than any previous chapter of human history.

So take heart, and take heed of your heart- listen to your gut.

Don’t put off tomorrow what you could do today- enjoy life!

And do what makes you happy, now. And find ways to do things you don’t like better, and if you can, find the reason that brings you happiness to do them. Not the “I have to,” but the “I want to.” Don’t lie to yourself too much, listen to what your heart is really saying, but try to find the place where your moment of annoyance is connected with somethnig greater and becomes a sacrifice you can easily bear.

Because the best is yet to come- whether old or young!

And my fear, have a little faith. Trust God and the process. He is a much better resource to get to where you want to go than just waving a wand to have everything go as you want and every result as you would have predicted.

Thank God life’s not like that! Thank God we are all individuals and God made not one of us alike. Wow! Its amazing isn’t it. Of all the cosmos, this is the one we are on, and of all the people in the world, this is you. Your name, your parents, where you grew up, went to college first job. Not none of these choices have defined you any more than you have let them.

Be happy, relax.

You don’t need a plan.

Butto live without love, and belief, that would be a fate worse than dying (St Joan of Arch, before she was burnned as a witch corruptly).

And try to look beyond yourself once in a while, and thyour firends with their similar progrblems, and even what you think of the “normal” residential people. Just let it be, be a beginner again. And enjoy!