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The secret of life is to realize that something may happen again, but it will never happen the same way twice. Van Hoa (a hostel receptionist in Arles, France, roughly paraphrased)

There is no comfortable route that will satisfy you. There is no everyday that will not be boring or monotonous.

There is no gain without risk.

Life is impermanent. The only constant is change.

So the only way to get away from living death, from being a real zombie, is to do something that makes you feel alive, everyday. And make your whole life revolve around being alive.

Not pleasing others.

Not doing the same thing you know you “can” do. [but can you really deal with that, without going mad?]

Not even around staying alive- don’t want to live in a bubble, do you?

Not around making money. pssht, that’s just another synonym for respectabilty, safety, and success in the eyes of others.

Not around a job, or security, or anything like that.

Not around “looking good.”

Just ask yourself, “What do I really want to do?”

Why haven’t you done this before? Because you were afraid of what the answer would be. Because you were trying to fit yourself inside a box and afraid to admit you’re really not like every body else. because you are afraid of disappointing someone. Because you’re afraid of failing.

Yes, but can you really fail is trying is what you want to do? Isn’t the struggle the whole point of it?

If you play piano just to be able to play a Bethoven sonata, it’s going to be a hard slog practicing scales. Maybe you can force yourself through it, but I guarantee you will play with a lot more heart when and if you get to that Beethoven sonata if you actually enjoying playing. And maybe you won’t care as much about the sonata anyway. maybe you’ll become a jazz pianist. Or go do something else that is also interesting but no one will ever take away the joy you felt at the keyboard.

Which is a good thing, since when you are alive, you are probably going to be taking a lot of implicit or explicit risks. They may be clear, like using your life savings to start a business, or implicit, like getting married or enrolling in a course of study- you don’t know if you will like it forever, and you are making a commitment. But most of the costs are hidden- taking a job you don’t like (losing your soul) to seem successful and make “good” money.

Now, I think it is important to consider that many or most people in this world have a ton less choices than the people reading this blog post. And you are not doing any honor to them by not chasing your dream, because they have limited resources to chase theirs. Also I hope that when it comes down to it, people can be persistant and God will provide and maybe the dream fits the person aka why I don’t want to be a neurosurgeon or a rock star.

Let’s get back to you, who is really me 😉

yes, life will be dreary and boring if you make it so. If you don’t care, you won’t have any skin in the game. It will suck. Don’t live like this. Why do you think that pop culture now revolves around zombies?!?!

And if you can’t figure out what you want, try coloring outside the lines.

Try admitting, “I don’t know.”

And just go for something that piques your real, genuine, unfeigned interest.

There’s a catch though. Once you go lasso the moon, you will want the stars next. Maybe you will be content for a while, and radiate a deep inner peace, but humans are not meant to be content for too long. We are meant to GROW. and growth is CHALLENGING. growth is an ADVENTURE. growth is a respite from the ordinary. Growth makes you EXTRAORDINARY.

And what if your heart’s desire changes?

It probably will.

Chase it anyway.

You only have one life.

Time is of the essence.

You can always get money, you can always replace stuff.

Everyone’s dream is different. (Not everyone will understand, but the people who love you WILL LOVE YOU ANYWAY AND ALWAYS)

If you believe your heart’s desire is given to you by God, and somehow it’s all taken care of, then go for it. It is not the wrong thing to do, though it may feel wrong (it might seem like no one else is doing it.)

Listen to that tickle in your chest. Feel your heartbeat. Yup, that’s your body. Now what does your soul say today?