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This is a pretty long list.

But I’ll condense briefly to: most educational pursuits I didn’t enjoy, trying to be good at everything, and self-deprecating to set low expectations. Wrong.

I realize that most of these things have not really made me happy, and were pretty much conditioned on the result of geting something people would repect me for.

But what would I respect me for? When would I believe I was good enough


I don’t have everything accomplished that I want, I don’t have the material circumstances that I want (right now), and I don’t have a thousand forms of validating my self esteem like high grades or things that seem like a big deal at the time.

But today, I’m done. From now on, I have nobody to impress but myself, and I’m not eve ngoing to think fof the people who always have and always will respect me. And maybe that’s much more important than impressing somebody.

So don’t be ipressed, and don’t worried about becoming impression making.

So loves, goodnite.