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Like the Velveteen Rabbit

I waited for the incinerator,

infested, sickening beyond my control.

But having known love,

I was transformed.


Pinocchio wanted to be a real boy,

And every little girl wants to grow up,

To be the princess.

What I really am is Puss in Boots,

All style, all sass

Just a cat wearing trousers.


They told me to grow up,

They told me to stop being Peter Pan.

They said I’m not a rugrat anymore,

I’m not in college anymore,

and once you’re educated,

your life is moot.


You just become a function

They use the flame someone else kindled in you

To power all sorts of things-

Good and bad, wrong and right.

It’s hard to sleep at night.

No matter how many rhymes you write.

At home in your bed,

Thoughts swirling in your head.


So I decided to become like a child again.

St Paul said to put away childish things,

And become a (wo) man.

But Jesus said,

Let the children come to  me.


I’m on my way, Jesus!

I don’t know where I’m going!

Help me please!


I’m not Red Riding Hood, I’m not Snow White,

but someway, somehow,

I will sleep in peace, a child again, tonight.