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I urge you to read this thoughtful post by Umair Haque of Harvard Business Review- he’s definitely not just an empty suit.

He says you need more than a purpose- you need to know the reason why.

Well, I do love to ask reasons why.

The trait that I most identify with myself is curiosity- at least, that’s how I feel I’m distinguished from others in my day to day life right now.

But sometimes, I wonder if my I wonders lead me away from contentment and fulfillment-

That is not to say that we should seek to be fully satisfied every moment of our time on this earth. I fully support the idea of big, seemingly impossible dreams, small baby steps to get there, and most important, having a journey based on your faith in something larger than yourself.

i wonder if my remorse about going to business school is fair-it’s not business school’s fault anad there are so many interesting lives to live, yet I have no clue about what I actually want to do. Well, i do there- I want to live in France.

Is it an escape or is it just destiny calling? I wonder why I have to be different, why I can’t just want something easily within reach that will be pleasing to the people I care to please, why I have to pick so many big battles.

This time last year, I weighed I’d say around 10 lbs less. I spent a few hours a day working, and the rest just kind of wandering, some cooking, and rarely cleaning.  I was so stressed out about needing to be in an upward trajectory, yet I find that that time changed my life in ways I’m only beginning to find out.

That’s the problem with travel- there are just too many worlds for this one lifetime.

Through wonder and curiosity, I’ve become compassion, walking in another’s shoes. I’ve become knowledgeable, and able to pass that on too. And maybe able to kindle the flame of somone else’s interest, and question what should be questioned. That requires me to be brave.

I worry that my curiosity won’t ever let me commit to anything, and keep me lonely and isolated from all the other people who just don’t seem to wonder as much.

I worry that I’ll never become great at anything, because I’m always excited by the next thing.

I worry that I’m searching the world for something that’s already here.

I worry that I’ll just wonder too much, and never actually DO anything.

Even so, I wonder as I wander…