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O, how I mourned,

Like the sun would never rise.

I couldn’t see for years,

Eyes weeping with tears of blood.

I thought you were the only star,

I thought you were my wishing comet,

I thought you were the only one,

Come to save me, finally–

From loneliness, boredom, living death-

I cannot say,

For I am still, a bit of each of those things,

Still alone, enduring, more than surviving, chiseled by time.

Before I was a rock, and sorrow turned me to living flesh,

When you touched me, that’s how I knew I’d been dead.

I live in the shadow of another love,

Certain to love again.

Where, O love’s death is they victory?

Where, O death is thy sting?

It has come and gone.

Though I am a woman,

I am both king and queen.

Not knowing when a crown shall be ceded-

To live in equality and mirth-

To roam over equal kingdoms,

My heart, in his palm, so ready to be crushed.

And finally, I’ll wander the earth in good company.

Just another common woman,

Picking the lint off his clothes.