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Love like, the day

I shot out of the ground and into your arms

A flower, a canon ball, an acorn falling

Fast and deep but slow and sweet

The first time you looked into my eyes

and said they were beautiful.


Can it stay spontaneous

but is it real

So many expectations

And heart-sore yearning

To see you again,

Soon, hopeful,

wanting peace.

Let the pangs of desire know they’ll be sated-

but will they abate?

Or will I become like a thistle

all cuddly and soft and rooted

forgetting my days as a wishing, but wilted dandelion

When you flew into my arms?


Can I love you without forgetting

mother friend muse sister mistress

The wind

can i love you in all truth

without losing my freedom?

Can i be faithful without being tied to a course,

to your course,

to a path that is not my own?

I am a river-

I don’t think damming me is wise.

Lest I overflow my banks,

leaving all devoured,

and us in tears.


I know you know the wind too,

that he is your intimate companion.

What do you say to him of me?

When I try to turn your face away from him, and towards me

With a song?

Will the notes please him?

Will he let you follow me a while,

though my pride would be stung

yet heart overflowing,


for a change,

I followed you.

But I was not made to follow.


So love,

can I love you in freedom?

can i love you without shame?

can I love you without restrictions, without bounds?

not knowing when our paths will cross again?

it turns me to winter

when I don’t see your face.


O love, I thought this was just a passing fancy

But like everything that passes,

like everything that lives and dies,

moves and changes,

it stays.