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The unknown,

Your dark, gaping maw

The void,

That haunts my dreams,

Blackness, obscurity.


They try to put you on charts,

The try to put you in chains,

Like Samsom, they send girls to seduce you,

Though it seems you yield a secret,

You blow us all to dust.


O dark giant,

I thank you

For the whirlpool, for the unknown depths.

You cut away the irreal, the immaterial

All those lies we tell ourselves

For the sake of human sense, conventional wisdom.


You have your honor, your pride

Your code is unwritten, and so often seems unjust

But in the face of your might, we tremble.

And those who surrender survive, with souls intact.

But those who struggle are cast asunder.


You embolden me to tear off my shackles

You yourself cut the ropes from my wrists

With you nothing is impossible

With you, all human kind is just a guess.


You are neither friend nor foe

But for those who forget to be mortal,

You cast their clay gods down.

The idols don’t stand for long-

every reason, every explanation

Is just a shot in your darkness.


Uncertainty, I thought you were a foe,

I thought you were chaos, a demon

But with God’s grace, you are the best of friends.

Reminding me I am free, and human,

And whole beyond my knowing.