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When I love him,

the birds scream his name,

every block I walk has a treasure to share,

he’s my faraway angel.

Not sure to come back.


When I love him,

I’m filled with woe,

I eat too much,

And don’t sleep well.

My heart won’t be quiet,

My feet can’t keep still.

He’s so far away.

And he’s probably already forgotten me, I fear.


But someday,

Maybe I’ll still love him

When he’s an everyday annoyance

When he stops being Prince Charming,

When yells at me for leaving dirty socks on the floor.

Maybe I’ll still love him

When he’s close by to love.


When he loved me,

I was confused.

When he loved me,

I didn’t believe it.

When he loved back,

I thought it was a mirage

In the desert of my loneliness,

Heart so thirsty for him, for love and life.

It made me irritable.


And maybe he’ll still love me,

When I’m far away,

But I send him poetry at the speed of light

In a language he doesn’t understand.

Maybe he’ll still love me,

When he finds out who and what I am,

So silly, and so far from perfect.

Beautiful, insecure, pale, frivolous, spoiled,

Scared, frightened, lily-livered, jealous.

And so much more.


So maybe one day,

Our paths will cross again,

I’ll know my long-lost friend,

And we will be lovers, not strangers.

Lovers who know, not infatuated spoiled brats

Maybe more than children,

who found a treasure in the sandbox once together.

And maybe, only that.

Or maybe, someday, far away-

we’ll be everything that once was, is, and shall be-

Lovers, not strangers, once more.