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I’ve given up the illusion that one day everything will be perfect, and that today is just a prelude to when my real life starts, which will be when I really feel ok.

A win today was sending that email to network with someone to get that job I actually really want.

A really big win today was getting myself ready to go to a party when the dress I planned on wearing didn’t fit- good thing I had to go dress shopping for another one and it wasn’t surprised.

A real win will be leaving the house even though I feel like I look like crap and am afraid of embarassing myself.

A real win is writing this even though you’re all real people, and this is my real life, and I’m really sharing not just how I think, but how I feel.

It’s so scary and so real, and I can’t go back to living any other way.

Today is all there is.

Time to psych myself up a bit and realize when it’s time to dance.