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I think that all that’s needed to live a good life is just to accept this it, this is the real one- and to live the h*** out of it.

I spend so much energy planning, so much wishing for something more, so much feeling this just isn’t quite it. Well, it is, for now.

The idea of actually seeing how my life turns out- realizing I’m just as mortal and fallible as the next person and things probably won’t work out exactly as I planned- can be kind of overwhelming. How do you pick a career? A spouse? How do you make sure it works out just like your strategy for the game of Life and that everything will be catalog perfect once you “get there”?

I don’t really know the best way to live life, and sometimes it seems like the criteria change every day. But in order to stop being neurotic, you have to be in touch with your feelings, and what you really want, and have the guts to go for it. And the grace of God to help you get, if not what you want, then what you really need to come alive.

The solution is just to go after your dreams- NOW!

And live the life only you can live. That is the meaning of life.

To be the person that your Maker inspires you to be.

To live a life that is not what you imagined or planned, but to do what you want so deeply down to do, to not deny your inner truth.

To feel a pull, a call, even if you don’t understand why.

To love someone who is imperfect, to realize that this is really it, to keep pushing even though it’s not what you thought it was, to find that your best friends are not the people you expected.

To realize that you are not the way you expected to be, to let go of those plans you had for your life, and to shed that old identity that is only wearing you down.

The cure for worry is to live in the now- not in denial.

Do not deny this life you have been given. Accept that this is your real life- prosper, dream, live! And most of all, love, this immortal second and all the others that will succeed it.

Peace and love,