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There’s a hole in my heart

You can come inside, if you want to

You could drive a Mack truck through it

Sometimes it feels like somebody did


I don’t know why

Somethings always missing

I don’t know if

It’d be always better if you were here

I don’t know how to tell you

I just want us to belong


Jesus let us put our fingers in his side

Inside the holes in his palms

I’m not like Jesus,

But don’t doubt me, Thomas

There’s a place inside my soul

Where I think you might belong


There’s a hole in my heart that’s always felt this way

There’s a deep lonely aching I don’t think even you could drive away

There’s something that always leaves me searching to be whole, to belong


When the tears fill my eyes and I don’t know why

I think my heart’s already burst

Feeling like you have a hole

Might mean it’s already filled.