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You can’t be in love with cities you’ve never been to and people you’ve never met; You can of course, just love them for existing, and for the pull they have on you, maybe.

But I think love is a little grittier. Love is what’s left when you ask, “Is this all there is?” And you know what someone’s sweat smells like when they’ve been drinking beer, and they aren’t Prince Charming anymore, and you wonder if this is it, and whatever way you try to spin it in your mind, your heart just won’t let go.

Love is baby poop, dog vomit, maybe even managerial accounting for a small business owner.

Maybe love is just getting up in the morning.

But love is boring, love is known, love is happy, love is monotonomous, love is not dramatic, it is not interesting, it is not abstract.

It simply is- it’s kind of mammalian, but a little more than just bonding.

Love is meaning you have created out of something you found, not something you’d like to happen to you.

Love is not an illusion, is not a fantasy, is not about perfection.

Love is why you flee the zombies together on the Walking Dead. Love is the companion you are okay with getting a little bored of.

Love is what’s left when novelty’s worn off, a sense of the sublime in the most mundane of things- biology.

You have to get a little zen in order to really love something, because you have to be present to feel it, to see it, to experience it, to do it.

Love is a moment of truth revealing a dream come true, not a fantasyland where every longing is met and justified.

Love isn’t stumbling across the man of your dreams and living happily ever after.

Love is realizing that’s him holding your hand now, and you love him even though he’s human, this is it.

Love can have a tough day, and you might say to yourself yeah, this kidn of sucks, but there’s no where else I’d rather be. And here I am, committed to being here now, not running away.

Love is giving up a little bit of your freedom so as not to be enslaved by your freedom. Love is letting a bit of desire go and seeing some dreams evaporate in order to build a home here, rather than a castle in the air.

Love is being so brutally honest and living a life so raw and true and full of everything in you that your heart breaks, even when all is well.