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reason number 1: We aren’t looking for it.

We’re looking for a miraculous cure all that will make life easy to live, and happy and fun, and turn everyday into a vacation at Disneyland. We aren’t looking to be part of the real human saga, we are looking to follow our passion, win friends and influence people, and go live on the house on the hill.

We are the slaves to many different masters perhaps, but even with that internal conflict, we don’t ahve the balls to set ourselves free.

We find meaning when we realize, this is it, this is my real life, and I only get one chance. Even if I lived forever, today would only come once.

Whether its cleaning out the garage, studying for an exam, or making concrete plans to do something that feels extraordinary but might turn out to be another version of ordinary, we are finding meaning.

Meaning isn’t always glamorous, and it doesn’t always look the way we thought it would. It’s not always noble looking, it’s not always uplifting, it doesn’t always make the birds do our chores for us while we whistle as we work.

No, meaning comes from realizing that your life is the real fairytale, and not living for illusions or abstractions or anything outside of your truth. Meaning is not allowing anything to corrupt your inner knowing, and getting on the path one more time in case you do.

Meaning is settling down, building soemething, traveling the world like a vagabond, teaching, making money, being artsy, falling in love, being sinle, going n an Okcupid date.

Meaning is in life, and life is good.