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I don’t love you anymore

I loved the way you made me feel-

protected/needed, strong/weak, alive/dying

suffering, agonizing, chained/aggressive, submissive/dominant

No, I don’t love your sloppy pairs anymore

Your childish dichotomies, your sloppy dialectics

No, I don’t need you anymore-

Don’t even need to need you


This is a breakup, so-called Love

Never again, I swear

No more suffering and calling it pleasure.

An end to self flagellation, this mind game is over-

No, you pretender, you can’t keep my number.

You are deleted from phone and memory.

Don’t come around here anymore.


I don’t love you anymore

I’m not even sorry for it

I can’t be self-cruel anymore

I can’t pretend you’re better than me.


I know, sick ghost, you’ll die without me.

So be it.